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Friday, April 11, 2014

APRIL 2014 Blossoms into Leaves

All the same tree!     First "nothing" - bare branches, then a small speck of green emerges and it is full
tilt life force made visible from now till the leaves just coming on fall away and become earth and it is the quiet cycle above ground. Hope you have had time to smell a few beautiful blossoms- apple, apricot and plum and peach- YOU ARE THE SAME! May your garden grow well, your nurturing be received and your harvest plentiful.

As it warms up, there is so much movement- in the body the liver wakes up- interesting that the Healing Tao sound for waking up is Shhhhhh.   Move muscles and sinews and your blood, eat more greens and stretch!
And behold the wonders of life so evident, and so changing before our eyes. Know you are important in the whole and connected.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MARCH 2014 movement under our feet- awakening

Balance & Change   
 Celebrate breath, rhythms, flexibility and community through all the seasons.  
Spring is coming, emerging from winter- more palpable aliveness....... blossoms & "weeds",
the life force is obvious!

Blessed to spend a day at the Morikami Museum in Florida recently. A tribute to the Japanese culture that established an agricultural center in the 1920's-30's, the land was eventually donated and is now a site to visit and enjoy. A reminder of the subtle beauty that surrounds us, the power in stillness, and our capacity to honor this aspect of our environment and self. It does help us treat each other and our world better.

This month,welcome  "Spiritual Alchemy" a weekend workshop with Natalie Reid, and Kundalini Yoga for Women with Nancy Tafoya.
In addition to our ongoing classes of yoga, meditation in motion and community hands on wellness clinic.


Monday, February 3, 2014

February - More Light, Beauty and Song

The quiet of a winter snow storm in the  Northeast Coast
Weight on the limbs of the pines
Beauty in the forms and movement of water as snow

Words are far removed from the direct experience- it's very quiet

 Silence provides a container

We are thrilled to add another  Sound Healing /Whole Toning class with Maryse Lapierre this month.

Fridays and Saturdays 10am-11:30

And blessed to host the Annual Sufi Silent Retreat    
with Wendy Jehanara Tremayne    Feb 21, 22 ,& 23                                                   

 We hope to see you and share creative healing space & time & please join us
TUESDAYS 10-4pm  Community Hands On Wellness Clinic continues to provide affordable bodywork  you can FEEL BETTER with massage and reflexology! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Greetings in a New Year may Peace Prevail!

Greetings everyone,
May this year bring all you need to make the choices that are best for health and wellbeing.
Mostly,  may you have love and support around you and the power to reach out as needed, and
gentleness with yourself and others. Of course, the breath is the best way to find this gentleness and
steadiness that lies under the roller coaster ride. Taking that PAUSE- in momentum, is a practice- and kind of like making your bed everyday, it needs to be tended daily- like calling a good friend.

May you all have this good friend to lean into. and may the discoveries along the way bring joy and wonder.

with Love,
wendy and all at Studio de la luz


Please see the schedule to the side for specifics on time and dates for new classes and special events.

Maryse Lapierre will continue Whole Toning- sound healing and movement on Friday mornings. We welcome Nancy Garcia Tafoya on Sunday January 12th for Women's Kundalini Yoga. and Ova Luethye and Wendy Sager Evanson will offer two ChiNeiTsang- Taoist self healing clinics this month. Ova will also offer a "yoga for everybody" beginners class Thursday mornings. Wendy Jehanara Tremayne is back and teaching mixed level yoga Sundays. AND the Community Hands-On Wellness Clinic continues on Tuesdays.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December - edges

So much of yoga is about edges. Outside touching inside, breath meeting tissues and mind and feelings, our body meeting the ground and letting go of our habitual shaping, or assumed edges. Lets do it with extraordinary kindness and courage, one wave at a time!

blessings for a safe and connected holiday season

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attuning! November 2013

Studio de La Luz aims to support your health
 in practical and affordable ways

It is Affordable Care... in Action.   What you learn, is YOURS. When you learn skills
for balancing and supporting your amazing  physiology- the orchestra of systems and tissues, chemistry and mind -you are richer and empowered in your Health- and more skilled in healing when something goes off kilter in  your self and others and world.  You know how to rest, how to respond, and in fact- are less likely to "get sick" as your immune system and neurological communication system will be stronger. You will heal faster, and be more inclined to make choices about where you put your energy that are "in your health favor".

Come by, have an affordable bodywork session, and learn skills of movement, sound, and body-mind balancing that make life better. Strengthen your inherent skills of self healing and increase enjoyment of this precious life! 


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy 10 year Anniversary Studio de La Luz!

10 years ago Studio de La Luz opened: a space for movement, creativity, healing and
community. Many thanks to the people who have taught classes, held workshops, retreats, offered child birth classes, given massage and bodywork sessions and students. I want to particularly mention the following people who have brought talent and generosity in sharing their skills and knowledge and experience over the years.     

Yoga & Movement  Wendy Jehanara Tremayne, Tuckie Begely, Carrie Bradley, Teina Wells, Myra Romero, Dawn Browning & Shayna Samuels Turner
Free Dance: George Evanson
Tai Chi & Qi Gong: Michele Herling, John Flannery, Carlos Villatoro, Barb Humble, Ann Smiley
Hellinger Constellation groups: Pat Dinkens and Sharon Griffith
Shamanic Journey Circles and Drumming: Sharon Griffith, Teina Wells, Haru  Spruce, Ayo, Joshua Cravens
Belly Dance: Serena Karena, Brenda Faro, Kerry Senn
Sufi Retreat and Zikr: Wendy Jehanara Tremayne
Toning and Sound Healing: Maryse Lapierre
Community Hands on Wellness Clinic: Maritza Finch, Teina Wells, Roger , Shelby Shue

 thank you to Sid Bryan a brilliant and  supportive building owner, and Rebecca Speakes and Joy Arnold for sharing information on the large list serves- email and Dee LightHeart- incredible cheerleader and local mentor - all about perseverance & devotion

I am most thankful to my teachers and supports, Kathy Moss and Endie Jaynes who made it possible to open the doors! George Evanson, Carol Vosburgh, Selina Karena, Ayo, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Michele Herling, Donald Van Howten, Catherine Rubee Steinberg,  Dorothy Mason and my dream sisters who have been guides in holding space and circles and trusting our bodies wisdom and the creative process.
and last but not least, my feline companions: Iggy, Sallie, Tiny, Momma and Felina- who understand everything about movement and rest and being alive